AgIC Inks

We use two inks depending on applications:#2000

#2000: For products #1000: For prototyping
Features More durable and heat-resistant for long-term use. Printable only at AgIC due to its complicated printing process. Quickly dries and becomes conductive. Printable with home inkjet printers.
Expected applications Product use for 10 years Short-term use such as education and prototyping
AgIC products Heater, other industrial applications
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Circuit Marker, Prototype Ink Kit
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Sintering process Necessary Not necessary
Maximum continuous temperature 120 ℃ 70 ℃

AgIC ink specs

#2000 (For products) #1000 (For prototyping)
Substrate PET AgIC Circuit Paper/PET Film only
Printing side Single side Single side
Maximum size 580 mm x 980 mm 1067 mm x 2 m
Sheet thickness 125 µm 135 µm
Sheet resistance 0.3 Ω / Sq 0.3 Ω / Sq
Minimum pattern width 0.3 mm 0.2 mm
Minimum pattern interval 0.45 mm 0.3 mm
Maximum continuous temperature 120 ℃ 70 ℃
  • The values are for reference only.
  • These specs of #1000 ink vary depending on printers, printer models, printer conditions, ink conditions, progresses of drying and printer settings.