Innovation with manufacturing technology

About Us

We manufacture flexible circuits with inkjet printing and copper sintering at industrial quality.

Sample Circuits

Manufacturing processes

We have simplified the processes to manufacture circuits at much lower costs.


AgIC OnDemand - Manufacturing service

Manufacture flexible circuits on demand at lower costs.

We will have a big update soon.

Historical Products

We used to sell various products with another ink, #1000, for education until July 2017. Here is a collection of these discontinued products.

These products below are unavailable.

Technical support of these products will also end at the end of 2017. Meanwhile, please contact us at

# 1000 - For education

Printable with home inkjet printers. Quickly dries and becomes conductive without sintering.

Prototype Ink Kit
Print out flexible circuits with home printers.
Circuit Study Kit
Powerful tool for advanced STEM learning


Conductive Glue NoSolder
Ideal adhesive for non-solderable substrates such as #1000