AgIC is named after Silver Ink Circuit (Ag is the chemical symbol of silver). Our mission is making electric circuits more accessible to people of all ages and levels of experience.

We have been developing products with silver conductive inks since 2011, including a period of research with our technical advisor, Yoshihiro (Yoshi) Kawahara at University of Tokyo. Yoshi, Microsoft Research Cambridge and Georgia Institute of Technology developed innovative technology to print circuits, using a regular inkjet printer and cartridges with the silver conductive ink. Their research paper received the best paper award in Ubicomp 2013, a top-tier conference for ubiquitous computing. The ink dries in a few seconds and becomes conductive instantly when the traces are drawn on our special photo paper. You can make circuits exactly as you use a printer using ordinary ink at your home and office. This printing technology has become our current AgIC Circuit Printer.

AgIC began as a start-up in 2014, and is based in Tokyo, Japan. The team is comprised of entrepreneurs, experienced electrical engineers, and designers. In March 2014, we launched a successful Kickstarter project and shipped all of the rewards with few delays. After that we released our AgIC Circuit Printer and Circuit Marker in fall 2014. The development continues, and we also developed a pen eraser for the conductive ink based on our observations in workshops. The Erasable Circuit Marker was launched asour second Kickstarter project, and successfully funded in January 2015.

Both the company and our products have received numerous global awards, including TechCrunch Tokyo Start-up Battle and three Editor’s Choice at Maker Faire Bay Area and New York 2014.


Shinya Shimizu
Shinya Shimizu
Cofounder, CEO
Management, Engineering
Shinya received Master of electronics and information engineering from the University of Tokyo and has helped Yoshi’s research on the silver nanoparticle ink while working for McKinsey & Company after he graduated from the university.
Masaaki Sugimoto
Masaaki Sugimoto
Sales, Marketing

Masaaki has founded/helped multiple startups, notably Openpool, which was selected as a finalist of the Interactive Award at SXSW.

He is a PhD candidate in system design management at Keio University.


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