Circuit Study Kit #1000

Powerful tool for advanced STEM learning

$ 41.50


  • Circuit Marker
  • Circuit Film (10 sheets)
  • Other accessories (batteries not included)

Draw & Snap

You only need to draw circuits and snap components to create circuits.

For teachers

From simple to advanced circuits

For advanced class
Circuit Study Kit is made for 1–4 students aged 12+.

Hands-on session
Immediately start hands-on sessions with Circuit Study Kit.

Ready for class
Diagrams of 14 circuits are available below. With these circuits you are ready for 3-hour classes.

16 components

Variety of components snap on clear films. An electronic symbol written on each component.

Resistor (1k, 10k, 100k, 1MΩ)

LED x 2


CdS Sensor (Light Sensor)

Tactile Switch


3-pin socket



Jumper x 2


14 circuits

14 sample circuits are available, such as a dark-detecting light with a transistor. Contact us for details.


All circuits can be drawn on one sheet in turn so you don't need to waste sheets.

Circuit 10: Dark-detecting light

Circuit 13: Dark-detecting light with transistor