Prototype Ink Kit #1000
$ 270.00


  • AgIC Ink #1000 50 ml
  • Syringe and filter
  • A6 Circuit Paper 3 sheets


Print out flexible PCB with home inkjet printers and #1000 ink. No cartridges are needed.

  • Printers not included.
  • Our recommended printers don't use cartridges. Fill the all of ink tanks with AgIC Ink.
  • Download our sample sheet to test if needed.
  • You can't print double-sided patterns.

Recommended Printers

  • Epson ET-2550
  • Epson L310
  • Epson L220
  • Epson PX-S160T

* AgIC Prototype Ink Kit is not sold or manufactured by Seiko Epson Corporation. The manufacturer do not guarantee your printer after you use it with AgIC products.
* Use unused printers. Second-hand printers may cause unexpected malfunctions such as clogging nozzles.

How to use

Design with your favorite application

Design with EAGLE
There is no need to learn new applications if you are familiar with EAGLE. Check Black in Options for better conductivity.
Design with Adobe Illustrator
Draw circuits with Line Segment Tool or Rectangle Tool. Setting the document color mode to CMYK and coloring all patterns K = 100 % gets you the highest conductivity.
Adobe, Illustrator are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

You are ready to print out circuits once you design. Exporting PDF files prevents unexpected errors due to differences of applications.

  • Color all patterns black (K = 100%), then set Media type to Photo and Quality to best.
  • Printer driver will convert K = 100 % to a mixed color of CMYK to achieve a better resolution.
Read an attached instruction for details.
Conductive Glue

Connect components with conductive glue on #1000 circuits. You cannot solder because substrates will lose the function for the heat.

Use a conductive glue NoSolder by AgIC

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Covering a component and a conductive glue with a non-conductive glue strengthens their connection.

Other adhesives

here are more adhesives other than our conductive glues for various applications and environments. Here is a list of some conductive glues. (We do not guarantee these products.)

  • 3M™ EMI Copper Foil Shielding Tape 1181
  • Duralco 120
  • Epoxy Technology E4110

Circuit lifespan

Environment \ Voltage 0 V 3 V 24 V
25°C 60% 6 months 3 months 2 months
40°C 80% 2 months 1 week 1 day
* For reference only
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The lifespan of circiuts greatly varies with conditions.

The sheet resistance gradually increases, which applying voltage and exposing circuits to humidity accelerate. In this section, circuits lifespan is defined as a continuous working period until the sheet resistance becomes twice as high while applying voltage to simple printed circuits.

This experiment was conducted in a room environment at 25°C 60 %, and in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment at 40°C 80 %, where DC 0 V, 3 V and 24 V are applied to printed circuits.


Ink #1000
Amount 50 ml
Capacity *1 400 A6 sheets
Sheet thickness 135 µm
Sheet resistances 0.3 Ω / sq ±15%
Minimum pattern width *2 0.2 mm
Minimum pattern gap 0.3 mm
Working temperature range −20 to 70 °C
Storage environment Refrigeration storage
Shelf life 1 year
Power AC only for long-term use
Substrate Circuit PET Film / Circuit Paper
  • The values are for reference only.
  • These specs of #1000 ink vary depending on printers, printer models, printer conditions, ink conditions, progresses of drying and printer settings.
  • Circuits printed with this kit are not suitable for heaters as the maximum temperature is quite low and the sheet resistance might vary by location.
  1. Assuming that circuits area is 30 % of paper.
  2. Thinner lines than 0.5 mm have higher resistance.

Recommended storage of printers with ink in it

  • Store in a refrigerator.
  • Turning on printer weekly prevents nozzle cloggings.
  • Execute head cleaning if nozzles are clogged.

Support & Warranty

AgIC will accept returns or exchanges if circuits which are printed with our recommended printers don't work.

Contact us atsupport_en@agic.ccif you have any questions or troubles.