Circuit Marker


  • Use#1000 ink to make electronic circuits
  • Erasable with Circuit Eraser
  • Becomes conductive in a few seconds


Works only on Circuit Paper and Circuit PET Film
#1000 ink becomes conductive by chemically reacting with the coating of the substrates.

Circuit Eraser

Rub out and erase circuits
Easily erase circuits and redraw on erased areas. You can erase up to several times at a same place.


Ink #1000
Drawing length 50 m
Substrate Circuit PET Film / Circuit Paper (Not included)
Drawing side Single side
Sheet thickness 135 µm
Sheet resistance 0.3 Ω / Sq
Minimum pattern width 0.2 mm
Minimum pattern gap 0.3 mm
Working temperature range −20 to 70 °C
  • The values are for reference only.
  • These specs of #1000 ink vary depending on printers, printer models, printer conditions, ink conditions, progresses of drying and printer settings.