Conductive Glue


NoSolder is a one-part conductive glue, which cures at the room temperature. You can attach components as a replacement for solder without heating them or prevent solder erosion.

Low resistance with silver

Achieves a volume resistivity of 3.5 x 10-3 Ω ⋅ cm. Replace solder with this conductive glue.

Room temperature curing

Cure at 25°C in 24 hours or 80°C in 1 hour. Components are not exposed to heat.

Polymer-based flexible glue

Keep flexibility after curing. Best for bending areas in flexible PCB.

Implement components

1. Attaching components with the adhesive
1-1. Secure the components down with some weak tape and then adhere by covering the legs of components.

1-2. Check if the conductive adhesive has cured and while pressing the components down with your fingers or a set of pliers, slowly remove the tape.

2. Cure the adhesive

2-1. The adhesive should take 24 hours to cure and become conductive when at room temperature.

By raising the temperature to 80°C using a heater, the adhesive can cure in 1 hour.


Curing Mechanism Moisture cure
Cure Conditions 80°C 60 mins or 23°C 24 hours
Tack-Free Time 5 mins (23°C, 50% RH)
Shelf life 6 months before opening, 1 month after opening under refrigeration
Volume Resistivity 3.5 × 10-3 Ω・cm
Viscosity 100 Pa・s (23°C)
Density 2.37 g / cm3
Shear Strength 1.2 MPa (Cu × 3216 Sn)
Maximum Operating Temperature 120 °C
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature 50 to 80 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature -60 °C
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