Your own handmade circuits

Circuit prototyping has been limited to tools such as wires and breadboards. Now you can make your own circuit with markers, and realize your creativity at your home.

Draw circuits

AgIC Circuit Marker lets you draw electric circuits quickly and easily. You can start drawing circuit easily and can enjoy prototyping and learning instantly.

Edit circuits

AgIC Circuit Eraser is also a marker, but it erases traces of the AgIC ink easily. The eraser works similarly as erasers for pencils. After you erase, you can draw again with the Circuit Marker.

Create sensors on paper

You can connect your circuits to many interesting components and devices for electrical circuits. For example, connected to Arduino, your drawing works as a touch sensor interface.

Output devices on paper

Combining many output devices, you can express your creativity infinitely. Circuits made with AgIC products can be output devices - a simple pattern drawn or printed by AgIC products turns to be a speaker. Draw your own speaker and play with it!

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