AgIC for Education

Draw circuits with silver ink

Draw circuits

Circuit Marker lets you draw electric circuits quickly and easily. Start drawing circuits and enjoy learning instantly.

Edit circuits with Circuit Eraser

AgIC Circuit Eraser is also a marker, but it erases traces of the AgIC ink easily. Draw again with the Circuit Marker.
You can erase a same area up to three times.

Only works with AgIC paper or film

#1000 ink makes a chemical reaction with the coating of our substrates. Circuit Marker does not work with other materials.

Dry instantly in several seconds

Easy to use for all ages

Draw up to 40 meters

A marker draws 100–150 A6 sheets with a simple circuit.

Circuit Marker

Draw circuits easily. Patterns on Circuit Paper or Circuit PET Film become conductive in seconds.

Circuit Study Kit

Powerful tool for advanced STEM learning

Circuit Paper

Substrate for Circuit Marker. Circuit Marker only works with this paper or Circuit PET Film.