Embed electronics everywhere

Our inkjet circuit printing technology makes electronics thin, light, and large.
We have developed and are developing circuits for a wide range of applications including:

  • Flexible heaters
  • LED matrix boards
  • Interactive toys
  • Advertisements
  • Lighting
  • Replacements of FPC

Flexible heater

  • Surface heat source
  • On-demand pattern generation
  • Waterproof
Paku-paku (Origami work)
Led matrix
LED Matrix
Slice of light
Slice of Light

Flexible, light, thin

  • Flexible film substrate
  • 10 g per A4 sheet
  • 0.125 mm thin

Palm-size to wallpaper

Available in all sizes up to 1 m wide

Large circuit 640x360

Prototype within a day

Get prototypes quickly and accelerate the development process

Seamless development

From prototype to mass production without redesigning circuits

Seamless development


Substrate PET
Printing side Single side
Maximum size 580 mm x 980 mm
Sheet thickness 125 µm
Sheet resistance 0.3 Ω / Sq
Minimum pattern width 0.3 mm
Minimum pattern interval 0.45 mm
Maximum continuous temperature 120 ℃

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