Flexible light

Connect components with conductive glue on AgIC flexible circuits.
* You cannot solder because substrates will lose the function for the heat.

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Features of AgIC conductive glue

  • High conductivity (< 0.1 Ω · cm)
  • Elastic material that is ideal for flexible circuits
  • Cure at room temperature (Heating accelerates curing)

Glue firmly

Covering a component and a conductive glue with a non-conductive glue strengthens their connection. We use this method to connect LEDs.

Other adhesives

There are more adhesives other than our conductive glues for various applications and environments. Here is a list of some conductive glues. (We do not guarantee these products.)

Conductive glue

  • Duralco 120
  • Epoxy Technology E4110
  • ITW Chemtronics CW2400

Conductive tape

  • 3M™ EMI Copper Foil Shielding Tape 1181
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