Double-sided circuit film

We cannot automatically manufacture circuits on double sides.

Currently we do not have any methods to manufacture double-sided circuit films with our ink kit and regular printers. You can make them by punching holes and connecting two sides manually.

Current method in AgIC

Printable side of our film

While our PET film and paper on sale both have a single printable side, we have a small amount of double-sided paper for trials. You can test double-sided printing by pasting two substrates together. Contact us if you are interested in double-sided paper.

Circuit film square
Multi layer print

Print double-sided

Print double-sided with printers that support the feature or simply by printing twice. As the alignment on both sides usually has fluctuation within several millimeters, you should design connection parts bigger.

Connect two sides

We are exploring a method with eyelets to electrically connect two sides of circuit films. We use eyelet setting tools to punch holes and set eyelets by hand. Eyelets are also useful to connect external regular wires.

Multi layer square
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